Your Investment Opportunity

Get the tailor-made sales coaching you need
to overcome your specific sales challenges.

Closing Academy

Close more bigger deals faster with DACH's only Academy specifically for B2B SaaS Startup Account Executives:
  • ClosingPlaybook Hub: Upskill your Account Executives to the next level on the most effective deal-closing techniques
  • DealDesk: Get creative sales sparring to close your real-life EUR 50’000-500’000+ opportunities
  • Certification: Get ClosingPlaybook-certified as a company + for your team members


Get one or more dedicated senior sales leaderS who'Ve "been where you want to go" to move faster:
  • More Hands on Deck: Implement initiatives in days instead of weeks with hands-on help
  • Build Sales Teams: Get access to top sales headhunters to help you attract & retain sales talent faster at affordable investment
  • Custom Trainings: Get your salesforce to the next level with bespoke trainings for you and your team

Frequently Voiced Concerns

I don't know if I fit your Ideal Customer Profile to get a 3-10x ROI.

Committed founders & sales leaders of European B2B SaaS Startups selling 5- and 6-figure deals that want to accelerate their 0-10M ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) journey by hitting product-market-fit and scaling up sales faster without hiring expensive sales trainer.

I am unsure if I really need help. Me & my team have some ideas already.

We are really happy for you if you are exceeding your ambitious sales targets already.
We therefore assume skyrocketing your sales is not a priority for you right now.

I see the value, but now I am really busy.
I might take action when the timing is better (hired sales reps, got funding, magic happens).

B2B startups are really time-constraint & work with us to save time by avoiding trial & error.
They save days if not months of work by i.a. leveraging 50+ instantly usable sales templates.
You can also commit today without starting right now. Think of it as booking your next vacation. 
You save your spot at the current investment offering, and you commit to taking a vacation.

Investing EUR 5'000 to 50'000 per year is a significant commitment for me.

We work with founders & sales leaders of B2B Startups that want to build a 7- or 8-figure business.
They believe they will close at least one additional 25-250k+ deal by collaborating with us.
This provides you with a 5-10x ROI, even without closing funding faster at better terms.
In addition, let’s say you are a team of 4 people in Europe, paying yourself 5k each.
That means every month you burn through 20k of cash. That’s 5k per week or 1k per day.
That means every week you fail to accelerate sales, your opportunity costs are 5k per week.

Are we a good fit? Are we not too early-stage? Or late-stage for you?

We focus 100% on B2B and work with Founders of start-ups & Sales Leaders of scale-ups. 
Customers range from pre-revenue to 7- and low 8-digit ARR.
Our customers are committed to invest 2-5 hours per week of their (teams) time into sales.
They see sales as a core competency and not just as a problem to outsource.

OK that all seems to make sense. What happens after I book a call with you?

1. We commit to understand your sales status quo, objectives, challenges &
Kick-off Call, craft sales Objectives & Key Results for our collaboration
Define Top 3-5 initial sales initiatives, schedule monthly Customer Success Call
Deep-Dive relevant 1:1 Coaching (Accelerator), Offerings, any other questions