De-risk your portfolio.
Increase Sales Efficiency.

Are your portfolio companies
on track to build & scale sales
from 0-20M ARR quickly?

SalesPlaybook can be your B2B Sales Journey Partner from today to Exit:
From (Pre-)Seed to Series A
~0 ARR
Tools, Go-to-Market, Strategy, etc...
Closing your first Deals
Turn pilots into paying customers
Market Validation
In weeks instead of months
Unique Selling Points
Identifying them and doubling down
Message Market-Fit
Nailing your Sales Story & Value Proposition
Building scalable outbound sales
Gaining traction
Get ready to go from 1 to 10M
From Series A to Exit
Decrease sales cycle length
Scaling outbound sales
Negotiation tactics
Increase CLV & Deal Size
Nailing Customer success, Pricing, etc...
Scaling your team
Hiring, Culture, etc...
Expanding into new markets
Repeating 0-1M journey
20M(+) ARR

What's in for you

Acceleration Call

Free Sales Insights. Hands-on. No Bullshit.
  • 60min 1:1 Sales Acceleration Session

  • Sales Action Plan with TOP 3 Initiatives

Portfolio Workshop

Working Session. FiT to your startups' needs.
  • Interactive session on specific sales challenges

  • Follow-up with covered sales assets & insights

Portfolio Partnership

Upskilling. learning. coaching. implementation.
  • Helping your portfolio startups build & scale sales quickly from today to 20M ARR & beyond

  • Exclusive benefits for your portfolio startups

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