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Closed a 370k deal through hands-on support

Information Technology

You guys have the hands-on experience. It’s been super successful working with SalesPlaybook and looking forward to another year of working together.

Anyone going from project based services to product based and recurring revenue can benefit from working with SalesPlaybook.
Darragh Grealish
Darragh Grealish
Co-Founder & Partner

“Since we’ve been working with SalesPlaybook for 2 years, it helped us get a different skillset and perspective because we weren’t Business Development or Sales Focused. That allowed us to look at our existing relationships and partners and expand out of that.”

"This resulted in 6 figure revenue model to closing 372K, hopefully reaching our 7 digit revenue this year and we’ve only scaled with two new people.”

Short Facts

Closed 6-figure-deals
Built sales capabilities and mindset
Hired and trained new reps
Solved Challenges
Hit Message-Market-Fit
Close More Bigger Deals Faster
Build World-Class Sales Team
High Intensity
Result in Under 12 months
Mid Intensity
Result in Under 12 months
Slow Intensity
Result in Under 12 months
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