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2-3x increase in MRR in 6 months

Information Technology

Quickly scaled sales by learning sales capabilities through sales coaching.

Anyone who is struggling with sales or doesn’t have any knowledge in sales… the biggest value came from the knowledge and experience of the SalesPlaybook team.
Claire Houston
Claire Houston
Founder & CEO

"Coming from a corporate background, I had lots of experience, but not so much in sales. This is something that we had a lot of learning to do and the SalesPlaybook team really helped us."

“From this we’ve seen a 2-3x increase in MRR in 6 months. For us, the templates, video content, & coaching sessions were the most valuable."

"Where we really unlocked all of the value is by coming to the coaching sessions and being able to talk through some of the content and chew over those solutions with you and by staying consistent and being proactive."

Short Facts

Built sales capabilities and mindset
Increased deal closing effectiveness
Solved Challenges
Hit Message-Market-Fit
Setup Scalable Sales Process
High Intensity
Result in 6 months
Mid Intensity
Result in 6 months
Slow Intensity
Result in 6 months
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