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From Zero to Series A Readiness in under 12 months

Advertising Tech

SalesPlaybook helped Nexoya by providing them with a hands-on coach and interim manager to scale their sales.

SalesPlaybook understands what I need and selected the right coach who perfectly matches my requirements.
Manuel Dietrich
Manuel Dietrich
Founder & CEO

Working with SalesPlaybook

Trust is so important. SalesPlaybook understands my business needs and I value that I can have a beer with them too!

About Nexoya

Nexoya helps companies allocate advertising budget more efficiently by using AI technologies and reach up to 70% higher return on ad spend.

Sales Challenges

"I started as CEO but I was also Head of Sales, doing sales alone for quite a while. Suddenly we realized we have a product that is market ready and that we needed to scale sales and that's the point we decided to get help."

How SalesPlaybook Helped

"We got someone from SalesPlaybook to work with us 2 days a week, who fits well with what we do and has skin in the game. He helped us with case studies, doing mock-up calls and scale our sales."


"After having Alen as a coach for several months, we realized it worked so well so now he's our ad interim Head of Germany."

Short Facts

Founder-led sales to sales team
Built sales capabilities and mindset
Solved Challenges
Make Sales Scalable & Efficient
Build World-Class Sales Team
High Intensity
Result in under 12 months
Mid Intensity
Result in under 12 months
Slow Intensity
Result in under 12 months
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