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4x YoY Revenue Growth +100% over plan


Product-market-fit from custom hardware technology. Closed 700k deal with value-based selling. Hiring (& parting ways from) senior sales reps early on.

We tech founders are not sales driven by heart. I highly recommend SalesPlaybook to bring you the traction you're dreaming of.
Daniel Steitz
Daniel Steitz
Founder & CEO

"I have a technical background so my sales approach was to always explain the technical aspects of the product, with only mediocre success. We decided to do something different. I needed a sales coach and started doing a value-selling approach based on the customers' needs and the value for them... We were able to close our first high 6-figure deal"

"I'm spending on learning and trying new approaches to make our sales more efficient (closing deals and deal volume). And this is what I learned after making mistakes hiring sales people."

Lead Mastermind*: Matthias Erhart

Short Facts

Closed 700k deal
Hiring (& parting ways from) senior sales reps early on
Solved Challenges
Hit Message-Market-Fit
Close More Bigger Deals Faster
High Intensity
Result in 12 months
Mid Intensity
Result in 12 months
Slow Intensity
Result in 12 months
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