Andreas Michel
Head of Sales
<10 Customers -> Successful Exit / Product-Market Fit in <9 months / Building Outbound Lead Generation from 0

How did you transition from B2C (selling to small businesses) to B2B (large corporations) and find product market fit so quickly?:

"We tried selling to small businesses and our offer was not fitting well to that segment. So we changed to sell to large corporates, with your help and support, and won our first big 5-figure deal, versus 2000 before. We ended up with 50 plus customers."‍‍

How did SalesPlaybook help? 

"Outreach is the best tool to find product market fit because you can target the right person. You want to talk to them and find out if it's of value and that's the step you have to do and do it fast, and that's where you need the knowhow SalesPlaybook can provide."

Sales Challenges
Key Results
How they did it

From <10 customer projects to 50+ subscriptions

by building outbound lead generation from 0

From B2C offering to closing 5-figure ARR deals

by finding product-market-fit

From KMU sales to Head of Sales in a B2B SaaS startup to establishing outbound sales

in <2 months in another startup