Daniel Steitz
"We tech founders are not sales driven by heart. I highly recommend SalesPlaybook to bring you the traction you're dreaming of."

"I have a technical background so my sales approach was to always explain the technical aspects of the product, with only mediocre success. We decided to do something different. I needed a sales coach and started doinging a value-selling approach based o the customers' needs and the value for them... We were able to close our first high 6-figure deal"

"I'm spending on learning and trying new approaches to make our sales more efficient (closing deals and deal volume). And this is what I learned after making mistakes hiring sales people."

"I strongly recommend SalesPlaybook because we tech founders are not sales driven by heart and this can, early on, bring you the traction that you're dreaming of."

Lead Mastermind*: Matthias Erhart

Sales Challenges
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From custom hardware technology

Closed CHF 700k deal

with value-based selling

Hiring (& parting ways from) senior sales reps

early on