About Us

#1 Sales Journey Partner in DACH

SalesPlaybook helps B2B SaaS startup founders to build and scale sales at every stage of their 0-20MM ARR growth journey. We do that through hands-on training, coaching and implementation, delivered by 35+ experienced sales masterminds.

What Drives Us

By Contributing to Our Customers’ Success, We Are Contributing to Positively Impacting the World

Founders like you might not have the time or the relevant sales expertise in their organization for the stage they’re at, they can't achieve their sales goals on their own. SalesPlaybook jumps in as experienced journey executive to guide, support and tailor a suitable learning roadmap - continuously evolving as you do.

The Values We Stand For

Bottom-Line impact

We do, build and invest into what we need to profitably help committed entrepreneurs accelerate growth. Nothing more, nothing less

Humble hustling

We make things happen and push the limits, but own our decisions, actions and results. Leaders eat last, focus on team success

Swiss quality & excellence

We deliver on what we promise. On time, in Swiss quality. We want to be #1 at what we do in our field.

Radical transparency & integrity

We have no secrets, do what we say and say what we do. We know this is simple in theory, but hard to sustain in practice

Collaboration before competition

We focus on long-term relationships with customers, employees and partners, even if foregoing short-term benefits

Strive for mastery, remain a student

We are committed to become 1% better every day and help others with kindness and compassion to do the same

People Driven Company

We’re super proud that so many talents have joined our team of sales professionals. They are shaping our everyday life with field authority, passion, and vision.

Lead Coach

Diego Sosa

Sales Consultant
Lead Coach

Erik Steffen

Senior Sales Operations Consultant
Lead Coach

Fabian Schädler

Senior Account Executive
Lead Coach

Florian Lussi

Lead Coach

Jeremias Meier

Investor, Advisor & Mastermind
Lead Coach

Manuel Hartmann

Co-founder & CEO
Lead Coach

Miltos Stavridis

Head of Product
Lead Coach

Moritz Aemisegger