Pipeline Generation

Most companies fail due to a lack of qualified pipeline from their Ideal Customer Profile. Stop relying on volatile, uncertain leads from inbound, partners and your network. Build & operate a repeatable, predictable outbound engine, without trial & error.

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Top 5 reasons why your sales pipeline is too empty
❌ No message-market-fit: You lack the segmentation, ICP, sales story & use cases to make your offering easy to understand
❌ No time, focus & energy: You face 99 problems in your business but pipeline generation should not be one of them.
❌ No outbound mindset, skillset & toolset: You & your team have never successfully built up outbound sales yourself.
❌ No repeatable, scalable approach: You waste time searching, sourcing, contacting & tracking leads manually with low success.
❌ No path from lead to customer: Your outbound process stops at “Lead” without a clear path from positive reply to revenue.

How Pipeline Generation Helps You

Qualified Weighted Sales Pipeline is the oxygen of any business.
No pipeline, no revenue, no cash, no business.
Make sure you never run out of oxygen.

Future Cash

Sleep well at night knowing that you will not run out of cash.

Learning Velocity

Hit product-market-fit faster, ramp reps faster.

Negotiation Power

Never become needy to close a bad deal.

Data-Driven Scaling

More data points = Better decisions.

Our Process

Step 1:

Craft Pipeline Generation Launchpad

Establish Mutual Execution Schedule with qualitative & quantitative Objectives, Key Results & Initiatives and the respective timeline.

Status Quo Deep-Dive on KPIs & tech stack
Unit Economics Hypotheses on required input
Message-Market-Fit hypothesis & experiments
Reporting & Deliverable ways of working
Step 2:

Setup & Optimise Tech Stack

Make sure your outbound email, LinkedIn and/or call motion arrive safe & trusted in your target accounts’ inboxes.

Deliverability Assessment for emails + Linked
Outbound Tool Stack setup & optimisation
Dry-Runs with small outbound campaigns
CRM Sync incl. blacklist + lead data flow
Reporting & Tracking in tools + CRM
Step 3:

Drive Inbound-Led Motion

Map buyer journey from 0 to market-qualified lead to create trust at scale.

KPI Interview with your Key Person of Influence (CEO, VP Sales)
LinkedIn Content schedule, execution plan & post planning
Lead Magnet definition, conceptual guidance & schedule
Value Field (e.g. LinkedIn Live or physical event) setup
Step 4:

Launch Outbound Sales Motion

Prepare pipeline generation campaigns for launch from 0 to lead sourcing to cadence to messaging copy.

Lead Identification & Sourcing for target accounts
Campaign Setup on channels, copy & cadences
SLAs (Service Level Agreement) on follow-ups
Reply Handling to convert replies to pipeline
Step 5:

Iterative Campaign Operations

Run bi-weekly pipeline generation sprints to incorporate learnings & validate new hypotheses.

”Re-target” neutral & positive campaign feedbacks into follow-through campaigns
Adapt Content Strategy to address typical value drivers & concerns at scale
Scale what works quantitatively (# contacts) and qualitatively (# campaigns)
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“Old Outbound” is dead. Inbound-Led Outbound is here to stay.

In 2024, buyers love to buy, but hate to be sold. They drown in bad cold emails, LinkedIn messages & calls.
So “Stumpf ist Trumpf” outbound predictably fails - what worked even 12-18 months ago no longer does.
It is time to build instead of destroy trust with your buyers through inbound-led outbound sales.

Sales Mentality
Target KPIs
Revenue Leverage
Pipeline Standing
Traditional Lead Generation
More is more, hard-selling is OK
Volume, Touchpoints, Calls
Add SDRs & expensive tools
Entry-level, hated sales job
Sales alignment:
Lead Gen is a training ground
Modern Inbound-Led Outbound
Scale trust without burning buyers
Qualified Weighted Sales Pipeline
Add trust-building mechanisms
#1 factor to scale sales quickly
Sales alignment:
Pipeline is future revenue
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