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Closing more bigger deals consistently is THE most valuable skill you can acquire as an Account Executive.

The problem is, there is no dedicated place to learn it except for "on the job".
This makes it hard to build this skillset quickly without tons of trial & error.
The perspective to go from 0-6-figure earnings in < 3 years is there and attractive.
But there's no clear path to achieve this. Until now.

Now, we want to teach you how to close more bigger deals faster.


A live, virtual training by Sales Masterminds that teaches Account Executives how to become top 1% producers by closing more deals faster than their peers.

ClosingPlaybook combines 4 modules of the best sales content, hands-on breakout sessions and interactive coaching. Join an active community of committed closers and get your very own ClosingPlaybook Certification so you will never need to ask for a job again.


  • Learn B2B SaaS Sales in hours instead of months
  • Join unique, small group, razor-focused learning sessions
  • Participate in exclusive working sessions to execute with the best
  • Get help on your sales challenges of today, build high-value skills for life


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Course Curriculum

In 4 modules delivered 1x week over 4 weeks you will learn lifelong sales skills 


Covered Topics:

  • Discovery & Qualification Quiz
  • Buyer Journey
  • Follow-Ups

What you will achieve:

  • You gather and provide a high-quality, trust-building base for discussion before the call.
  • You leverage templates and snippets across the whole buyer journey and your organisation.
  • All of this works for everybody in your sales organisation.

Covered Topics:

  • From SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) to Opportunity
  • Warning Signs & Red Flags
  • Painting Pain & Creating Urgency

What you will achieve:

  • You follow-up with a Video Sales Letter and a short, crisp email that sell for themselves.
  • Your data drives your sales process. You know where your process breaks and how to fix it.
  • You successfully sell outcomes and benefits and ask prospects if they want to invest now or later.

Covered Topics:

  • Neurobiology of Purchasing Decisions
  • Conversation Tactics
  • Structuring a Collaboration

What you will achieve:

  • You build mutual action plans. Then orally agree on a collaboration. Then sign a deal in days.
  • Your sales cycle for a $20-100k deal is 2-6 months and <12 months for 100k+ deals.
  • You grow annual revenues at 100-400% per year. Or go from 0-1M ARR in <12 months.

Covered Topics:

  • Negotiation Approaches
  • Negotiation Levers
  • Negotiation Case Studies

What you will achieve:

  • You establish local Alpha Status from Day 1 during the buyer journey.
  • You stay in control of the buyer journey at all times without making unnecessary concessions.
  • You stay calm, confident & collaborative in unexpected negotiation situations.

Meet your instructors

Hi, I'm
Manuel Hartmann

I founded & scaled SalesPlaybook from 0 to 7-figure annual revenue in <3.5 years - without external funding - to become DACH’s #1 Sales Journey Partner for B2B SaaS Startups on their 0-20M ARR journey.

Before that, I built up sales for an AI B2B SaaS Startup, co-led Salesforce projects at i.a. the WEF & ABB via Accenture and helped sell the last Tesla Roadsters back in 2012. I hold an M.A. HSG in Business Innovation and started selling on the street back in 2009.

I'm excited to transfer all my sales experience to you!

Hi, I'm
Constantin Papadopoulos

I have over 15 years of experience in negotiation skills and prospecting tactics. I can help you build a strong sales narrative leveraging the best communication & negotiation tactics, and improve your communication skills during negotiations. I'm also an experienced sales consultant for B2B businesses.

I'm co-founder of, founder of GSSP.CHt, and the Negotiation & Communication trainer for the Swiss Army.

I hold a Masters of Law and Economics at the University of St. Gallen.

I'm looking forward to turning you into a unstoppable deal-closer!

Hi, I'm
Matthias Erhart

Was the #1 Enterprise Sales Rep & company builder for a startup -> helped significantly scaling sales up from 500k to 5M ARR; 75+ new logos among them household names like Swisscom (Avrios).

Sold 5- and 6-figure deals successfully to CEOs, CIOs & CFOs of corporates and SMB in DACH & beyond.

Delivered 10+ Revenue Audits to locate growth pains and supported remediation.

Coached 20+ startups in Europe - from early stage to 10 Mio.

Closed a 370k deal with a SalesPlaybook customer (>30% of their annual revenue) (Cloud Consultancy)

Helped to close a Fortune500 company deal worth almost 1 Mio. (hit annual revenue goals in Q1 22) (ETH Spinoff)

Hired numerous startups junior sales reps & trained them for our clients (Boostbar & Deskbird)

"Is this really for me?"

This training is for Account Executives who: 
Feel powerless when negotiating large deals with powerful buyers
Hate losing control and regularly give discounts without getting something in return
Want to earn 6-figures quickly - with the potential to become a millionaire in their 30s
Lack a "library", a ClosingPlaybook of case studies for "first time this happens" situations
Feel powerless when negotiating large deals with powerful buyers
Feel powerless when negotiating large deals with powerful buyers
You should NOT sign up for this if you are:
Looking for “a Silver Bullet” to “get rich quick” without putting in the work
Are convinced you already know everything there is to know about closing
Lack the commitment to implement what you learn here in your daily work
Are happy to be an average sales rep without the aspiration to become a top performer

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Apply now to get EUR 1'600 in bonuses

  • Access to Sales Mastermind experience of Manuel Hartmann, Constantin Papadopoulos, and Matthias Erhart
  • 4 sessions of live, virtual in-depth training
  • Micro-learnings in breakout sessions
  • Active community of committed closers
  • Exclusive working sessions to execute with the best
  • Highly valued ClosingPlaybook Certification
  • BONUS: 8 group-coaching sessions during and after the modules to get feedback on progress (Value EUR 1'600)
  • 50h of hands-on closing value

EUR 3'500