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Most companies cannot afford to pay marketing, SDRs, sales reps & operations just to close deals. Stop wasting your time on low-value, error-prone manual tasks instead of building a sales engine. Scale sales like a well-oiled machine that works for everybody at all times, effortlessly.

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Top 5 reasons why your sales pipeline is too empty
❌ Expensive journey: You can only close deals after countless meetings, pilots & feedback loops
❌ Expensive stack: You waste your time feeding your CRM instead of technology working for you
❌ Expensive team:  Your salary costs skyrocket but just increase complexity instead of revenue
❌ Expensive approach: You tackle every opportunity from scratch without reusable assets
❌ Expensive reporting: You lack automated reports & dashboards as base for decisions

How HubSpot Services Help You

What gets measured gets done - and sales needs to “get done”.
Scale sales efficiently, transparently & predictably.
Without breaking the bank or hiring more reps.

Increase Transparency

Establish a single source of truth for your GTM motion.

Increase Predictability

Replacing top performers means 6-figure costs. Avoid that.

Increase Consistency

Everybody sells the same way consistently.

Increase Efficiency

Scale sales without scaling headcount.

Our Process

Step 1: 

Customer Journey & Sales Process

Co-creating the customer journey including the sales cycles (pipelines) and sales process (journey execution).

Sharpen the sales process template including actions, touchpoints, pain points, needs, ownership
Define the buyer journey including definitions of Pipeline Stages, Sales Actions, Methodology
Validate governance on Validation Fields, Exit Criteria, Ownership & supporting roles
Step 2:

Implement/Optimise Hubspot CRM

Get hands-on implementation/optimization support on how to get the most out of your Hubspot investment.

Recommendations on workflows, permissions, account setup & adoption
Implementation of scheduling, outbound & other tech stack integrations
Attribution system to understand key metrics like channel contribution
Step 3:

Reliable Data Quality

Move from running reports in spreadsheets because you don’t trust your CRM data to - using your CRM for it.

Assess the data field stack and data clean-up and duplicate checks. Included one data set cleanup including an external Tool
Analyse related 3rd party tool integrations & recommendations on how to optimize integrations to increase data reliability
Establish a best-practice process to ensure high Data Quality with Reports + Operating Cadence
Step 4:

Feedback Reporting & Dashboards

Build & run the right reports & dashboards to take data-driven decisions and scale sales efficiently

Go from “gut feelings” on how sales KPIs evolve to certainty based on continuous metrics
Gain state-of-art advisory on state-of-the-art reports & dashboards
Get from data to optimization and operating cadence with reports
Step 5:

Knowledge Transfer & Onboarding

Make sure your CRM works for you & your team instead of the other way around

Onboarding session(s) to enable consistent CRM feature usage with your team
Knowledge on how to enable new and current sales reps to ramp quickly
Transfer of implemented know-how to your internal “Hubspot Champion”
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ChatGPT 5 or your CRM - what will you leverage first to scale sales efficiently?

Let’s be honest: Nobody wakes up eager to manually fill in tons of free text CRM fields.
Because most CRMs do not provide any value to their sales organization and reps.
But you will fail to scale efficiently without leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Target KPIs
Revenue Leverage
CRM Standing
No/Underutilized CRM
“It’s all in my head, I am crucial”
Low-level manual activities
Scale through headcount
Everybody hates the CRM
Sales alignment:
People use Excel (again)
2025-ready CRM
“It’s all in the company, I can go on vacation”
Revenue per FTE, degree of automation
Scale through processes & systems
Everybody loves to use the CRM
Sales alignment:
Revenue per rep is +10-30%
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