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Ask for No to Increase Information Flow

Manuel Hartmann
Co-founder & CEO

In Sales you always look for a YES! to close a deal. However, when building an outbound sales engine, looking for a NO! is often the best tactic to move you closer to your goal.

What you'll learn:

“Do you want a beer?”

  • Yes 👉 OK, I’ll get you one 👉 Cheers… (Free PoC…)
  • No 👉 Why not? (wait for 15-60 seconds…)

👉 Because I am (still) drunk / hangover / ill --> (Need)
👉 Because I am driving tonight --> (Legal, Compliance)
👉 Because it is too early / late --> (Timing)
👉 Because I already have a drink right now --> (Competition)
👉 Because I don’t have cash on me --> (Budget)
👉 Because my boss fires me if I drink at lunch --> (Authority)

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