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Scale sales from 500k to 2 Mio. annual revenue within less than 3 years

B2B SaaS

Challenge: Darragh & his team at 56k.Cloud ran an agency-like sales motion “from workshop & training to the next one” with regular 4-figure assignments, low predictability on future revenue and therefore limited scaleability.

Darragh Grealish
Darragh Grealish
Co-Founder & Partner

56k.Cloud specifically tackled these challenges with SalesPlaybook:

  • Generate qualified pipeline: Move from selling within the own network to selling via other channels
  • Close bigger deals faster: Go from closing 4-figure to closing 5- and 6-figure deals repeatedly
  • Scale sales robustly: The founder can now disappear for >1 month “with the lights still on”

This could only be achieved with a bespoke collaboration model helping 56k.Cloud to professionalise their sales approach, mindset & processes in their unique situation.

Here are a few insights on what 56k’s founder Darragh Grealish has to say about the collaboration:

370k deal was our first major 6-figure deal with you guys (6’ min)

Company growth enabling scaling the team from 3 -> 15+ people + strong operational partners (9’min)

“These people are trying to get through their day…lots of opportunities, need a way to quickly vet and set expectations…” (11’)

I could disappear for the first time for 5 weeks as a co-founder, and the lights are still on now…since we’re out of agency emergency mode, everything is a lot more relaxed now - thanks for that. (13’)

One thing now is customer references…how we scale within our own network…and also with partner and channel sales. (15’)

One thing we really learnt from you guys, that even if you’re so specialised as we are, you need to make sure this is needed for the other person at the table…the opportunity of having experts in the room is sometimes enough, also via customer references as you showed us. (19’)

Short Facts

4x revenue (500k to 2 Mio.)
Solved Challenges
Close Bigger Deals Faster
Hit Message-Market-Fit
High Intensity
Result in 2 years
Mid Intensity
Result in 2 years
Slow Intensity
Result in 2 years
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