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Professionalised sales to setup scale in less than 4 months

B2B SaaS

How Pricenow professionalised sales in <4 months with no prior sales background with Jonas Meuli, Co-Founder Pricenow.

There are good reasons for almost every SaaS sales leader to actually talk to you guys
Jonas Meuli
Jonas Meuli
Co-Founder, Head of Sales & Marketing

Challenge: Pricenow helped 60+ mountain railways in the past 5+ years such as Laax, Verbier, St. Moritz and Montafon Brandnertal “climbing new peaks together” in the areas of Dynamic Pricing, Data Analytics & E-Commerce. After growing sales organically with a strong sales leader on board, sales was not yet a professionalised function setup to scale towards CHF 10 Mio. ARR.

Pricenow’s founders were specifically looking for a hands-on external partner to help them solve the following sales challenges:

  • Gain clarity on their ICP for a multi-product market offering for a complex buyer journey
  • Professionalise their Hubspot CRM setup without trial & error to enable data-driven decisions
  • Make sales repeatable & scalable with the right assets & scripts to accelerate the transition from founder sales to scalable sales

This could not be achieved with a “one-size-fits all” information product, cohort training and Pricenow was also looking for a really hands-on partner to help them climb new sales peaks together.

Here are a few insights on what Pricenow’s founder Jonas Meuli has to say about the collaboration:

HubSpot or probably any other CRM can do plenty of things…but you have to know what you're doing…I would say that’s…a USP from SalesPlaybook. …I would describe you as a hands-on consulting company that really helps you implement things within these technologies that you're using. …I think it's really important if you want to speed up things that you don't reinvent the wheel and you work with someone who did it before. (04:20-05:30)

Basically, you know a lot about their (your customers) problems and you know a lot about what your solution could do to help them. But if somebody is joining your team, this person doesn't know all that. And if you also want to speed up, …it helps you a lot if certain things are well established and there is this consistency in your sales process. …And I think this is putting us in a good position to scale and to become very successful in the future. (08:15-09:00)

There are good reasons for almost every SaaS sales leader to actually talk to you guys…I think that's also something you do really well: You decide together where you can help and where there is still room for improvement. And that will be very different for every company, of course. (11:10-11:40)

Short Facts

Gain clarity on ICP for a multi-product market offering
Professionalise Hubspot CRM without trial & error
Copywriting für Sales Scripts + LinkedIn Social Selling
Solved Challenges
Hubspot Services
Hit Message-Market-Fit
High Intensity
Result in in less than 4 months
Mid Intensity
Result in in less than 4 months
Slow Intensity
Result in in less than 4 months
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