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5x MRR sales growth in under 16 months


Every founder who is up to their ears in work profits incredibly from SalesPlaybook. I can recommend it to everyone who believes in a systematic, structured approach to B2B Sales.

As B2B Startup you have to learn about Sales, otherwise, you are doomed to fail. It’s one of the most important functions in an organization. SalesPlaybook helps with that!
Christian Fontius
Christian Fontius
Co-founder & CEO

The biggest advantage of SalesPlaybook:

"Put the go-to-market approach of the founders weekly to the test."

The biggest success with SalesPlaybook:

"They have significantly contributed to successfully closing deals and winning customers, leading to 5x MRR growth in 16 months. Apart from the deal closing, SalesPlaybook supported the setup of the sales organization - how do you hire for sales, how does my sales process looks like, how to approach  the market, what are best practices in B2B Sales..."

Short Facts

Sales organization setup & hiring
Sales processes
Solved Challenges
Build World-Class Sales Team
1:1 Sales Coaching
Hubspot Services
Pipeline Generation
High Intensity
Result in under 16 months
Mid Intensity
Result in under 16 months
Slow Intensity
Result in under 16 months
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