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How Urban Connect reduced founder-dependency in sales in less than 6 months

B2B SaaS

Judith & her team built Urban Connect from 0 to 7-figure ARR without significant external support to offer a multimodal platform for all corporate employees' mobility needs for world-class companies such as Roche, Bosch, Google, Lonza & many more.

Judith Häberli
Judith Häberli
Co-founder and Chief Growth

Challenge: Urban Connect hit a point where they needed to accelerate ARR growth by building & scaling pipeline generation in a more data-driven, repeatable approach at reduced founder-dependency.


“When we first met, I think sales was going well for the time and we were doing a lot of things manually and it kind of worked but I think the goals get more and more ambitious in our case. And it became more and more clear that the manual approach we had…was not working…to achieve this year's goals.”

“My goal by taking over this team (sales & marketing) is to make it work like a machine, so it is not super founder dependent. I mean, we're always happy to help but…we should be able to go on a month break and the company should continue to flourish. That is when we reached out to you (again) to really build up that machine - and I am very happy about that decision.”


I think we saved us many months and got up to speed by March filling an event with over 250 people together with you very targeted very non, how do you say, spamish is my. That was always my fear - to make top customers feel spammed, so I really like the approach of you and Diego to be really targeted with the right content to the right people.”

“We also got our numbers in order in a way like we've always been grown but now we understand much better how we are growing and where we should focus on more. I think it was really bringing in transparency into sales.”


“I would recommend working with SalesPlaybook to anyone who doesn't come from sales originally…especially…very technical founders that have an extremely strong product… if you actually need the help to improve sales, that's also a moment where I think working with you is fantastic.”

CTA: Built enterprise sales pipeline without risking trust?

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Short Facts

Scale pipeline generation without risking reputation
Improve revenue numbers transparency
Enable the team to generate pipeline without founders
Solved Challenges
Pipeline Generation
Sales Efficiency
High Intensity
Result in under 6 months
Mid Intensity
Result in under 6 months
Slow Intensity
Result in under 6 months
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