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5× MRR in 18 months

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Doubled MRR in the first 3 months of working with SalesPlaybook and then 5x MRR in 18 months.

I was initially very hesitant… After 3 months of working with SalesPlaybook we doubled our MRR…
Drazen Ivanis
Drazen Ivanis
Founder & CEO

“I was initially very hesitant and wanted to get something for my money, which is why I started with a minimum package. After 3 months working with SalesPlaybook, we doubled our Monthly Recurring Revenue. And in December, we are going to have our first sales manager. The normal deals were around yearly volume 4.8-7.8k, maximum 10k Euros. The largest deal we now closed has an overall contract value over 3 years of EUR 150’000, so around 15x higher than our previous deals. The best cold email sequence we got was about 90% read emails, 60% reply rate and 30% booking rate…you’re guilty."

Short Facts

15x Deal size
30% booking rate from cold email
Hiring first sales manager
Solved Challenges
Build Outbound Sales Engine
Close More Bigger Deals Faster
Setup Scalable Sales Process
High Intensity
Result in 18 months
Mid Intensity
Result in 18 months
Slow Intensity
Result in 18 months
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