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5× MRR in 18 months

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Doubled MRR in the first 3 months of working with SalesPlaybook and then 5x MRR in 18 months.

I was initially very hesitant… After 3 months of working with SalesPlaybook we doubled our MRR…
Drazen Ivanis
Drazen Ivanis
Founder & CEO

“I was initially very hesitant and wanted to get something for my money, which is why I started with a minimum package. After 3 months working with SalesPlaybook, we doubled our Monthly Recurring Revenue. And in December, we are going to have our first sales manager. The normal deals were around yearly volume 4.8-7.8k, maximum 10k Euros. The largest deal we now closed has an overall contract value over 3 years of EUR 150’000, so around 15x higher than our previous deals. The best cold email sequence we got was about 90% read emails, 60% reply rate and 30% booking rate…you’re guilty."

Short Facts

15x Deal size
30% booking rate from cold email
Hiring first sales manager
Solved Challenges
Pipeline Generation
1:1 Sales Coaching
Hubspot Services
High Intensity
Result in 18 months
Mid Intensity
Result in 18 months
Slow Intensity
Result in 18 months
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