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Most B2B entrepreneurs fail to scale to 10 Mio. Annual Revenue.

The Top 5 mistakes entrepreneurs make on their sales journey from EUR 0-10 Mio. revenue
❌ Do it all by yourself: Trial & error with typically 7-figure costs of inaction - if you even make it that far.
❌ Hire too much, too early: Sales leaders + reps are like a plane crew: They fly planes, they don’t build them.
❌ Delegate or outsource sales: This rarely works, upon full product-market-fit - typically beyond 10M ARR.
❌ Run a generic Sales Playbook: Your business is unique, and there needs a bespoke SalesPlaybook to scale.
❌ Rely on “one-size-fits-all" offers: Information products, group trainings & co. that don't help you specifically.
Here’s why to build & scale sales quickly without trial as a B2B entrepreneur is so hard:
❌ Your sample size to draw deep insights from is only 1 company - your own
❌ You lack the time, focus & energy to become a Top 0.1% B2B sales expert
❌ You also need to take care of leadership, operations, finance & more
❌ You are 100% operationally  “in the trenches” of your business
❌ lack the accountability to make sure things get done

Our over 300 clients can't be wrong!

Here’s why world-class entrepreneurs invest 5-figures with us to tackle the above:
✅ We worked with 300+ B2B entrepreneurs and speak with 10+ every week
✅ We are 100% focused on helping clients like you to build & scale sales quickly
✅ We validate all the tools & execute on all the approaches out there so you don’t have to
✅ We give you an honest, objective outside perspective on what you need to do now & next
✅ We keep you accountable to build your capabilities on the #1 driver of enterprise value: B2B sales

Nobody believes a sales person, right? Therefore, watch the stories from some of our 300+ B2B entrepreneur clients.

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