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We line up to help B2B SaaS Founders scale their positive impact in the world. You’ll add traction to your dreams and transform your sales via:

Hands-on Training

Develop specific skill sets to solve your team’s sales challenges and achieve knowledge transfer at scale with the training of 30+ B2B SaaS Masterminds


Work with a Mastermind to develop a tailored plan that provides accountability, guides you through your unique sales journey, and establishes a high-performance revenue culture


No time or resources to do it yourself? Get specific sales initiatives done with a Mastermind as part of your team for even faster sales success

Experts at Your Hand

A Mastermind for Each Sales Challenge You Come Across

Get access to the most experienced sales experts for the exact topics you need to advance. ASAP.

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Alen Cerovina

Sales Leader
Lead Coach

Alexander Estner

Lead Coach

Christoph Schittny

Buyer Journey
Lead Coach

Constantin Papadopoulos


What’s Your Biggest Sales Challenge Right Now?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sales. Maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself! So stop procrastinating and start asking: What action can I take now? We’ll show you what to do and help you achieve your next sales milestones asap. SalesPlaybook tailors to your individual needs. Period.

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