1:1 Sales Coaching

No team ever won a world championship without continuous world-class training & coaching. Sales is no different in that top talent joins and stays with the teams investing into their success. Invest into yourself and your sales reps like your sales success depends on it. Because it in fact does.

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Top 5 reasons why your deals never close as they should
❌ Lack of discovery: You do not dig deep enough to create 7- or even 8-figure business impact in your buyer’s minds.
❌ Lack of disqualification: You waste your time with people that are not committed to solve high-impact problems with you.
❌ Lack of control:  Your prospect ruins your sales process with useless PoCs, feedback loops and eventually ghosts you.
❌ Lack of methodology: You do not operate your sales with a consistent sales methodology such as MEDDPICC.
❌ Lack of training & coaching: You lack access to proven, specific sales training & coaching to close 5- & 6-figure deals.

How 1:1 Sales Coaching Helps You

Enable your salesforce to operate like professional athletes.
Because nobody became a world or even regional champion without coaching, right?
Besides that, coaching drastically increases talent retention especially on top performers.

Improve Your Team

Promote rockstars, enable good reps & let low-performers go.

Increase Retention

Replacing top performers means 6-figure costs. Avoid that.

Increase Booked Revenue

Increase sales conversion, velocity & deal size.

Decrease Leadership Load

Make sure your sales leaders do not burn out.

Our Process

Step 1: 

Craft Sales Enablement Launchpad

Tailor the maximum effective sales enablement approach.

Interview CEO + Sales Leader
Review past & present sales coaching
Create tailor-made sales coaching plan
Step 2:

Setup Sales Coaching Execution Plan

Create awareness & accountability across the whole sales team.

Define focus initiatives with the greatest potential for improvement & impact
Create coaching plan for all team members involved
Set target outcomes & schedule regular coaching sessions
Step 3:

Launch 1:1 Coaching

Build trusted relationships to drive improvements within weeks.

Commit bi-weekly “Coaching Sprints”
Define coaching inputs, mechanisms and output
Gather sales call recordings as base for real-case analysis
Step 4:

Provide Buyer Journey Feedback

Help the sales team to get the sales enablement to thrive.

Identify Buyer Journey “Breaking Points”
Share best practices on how to fix them
Provide worksheets to accelerate it
Step 5:

Improve Sales Team

Get commitment from your top talent to stay with you for years instead of quarters

Give your rockstar talent the opportunity to evolve from Top 10% to Top 1% in their field
Get your good performers to increase sales conversion, deal size & velocity quickly
Let low performers be successful elsewhere (with or within your company)
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Top Sales Talent is expensive. Failing to make it successful and replace it is even more expensive.

The average sales rep changes job every 12-18 months - which is crazy considering your sales cycle.
Most of your reps will take 3-6 months to ramp and 3-9 months to complete their first end-to-end sale.
And then leave once they are finally really productive? This has to stop, and e-learnings don’t cut it.

Target KPIs
Revenue Leverage
Enablement Standing
Sales Training
“I need to complete this training”
Knowledge Transfer
Add entry-level sales reps
Need-to-do activity
Sales alignment:
Training is a cost center
1:1 Sales Coaching
“My company invests into my development”
Increased Revenue & Rep Retention
Leverage mid-/senior sales reps
Get-to-do talent development
Sales alignment:
Coaching is a profit center
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