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153% sales target attainment in first quarter


Ramping new AE from 0 to 150% Quota in 1st quarter while enabling Head of Sales to save >10h / week.

I hired 5 new reps all at once. (...) Some I wanted to turn into 1st-time closers, and I quickly realized that doing that all at once was too much to handle. I needed to find a way to have my high-potentials trained and ramped up quickly. SalesPlaybook took Michael under their wings, which allowed me to direct my focus toward my new BDRs (…) without worrying about Michaels's training.
Head of Sales

The collaboration with SalesPlaybook proved to be a major success as Michael achieved in his first quarter a whooping 153%, the highest target attainment in the entire team, and that’s in his first quarter as an AE in the DACH market, which is notoriously not an easy market. Michael closed more than 40 deals in his first quarter of different sizes and built a very strong pipe for the next quarter.

Short Facts

153% sales target achievment
Head of Sales to save more than 10h / week
Solved Challenges
1:1 Sales Coaching
Build World-Class Sales Team
High Intensity
Result in under 6 weeks
Mid Intensity
Result in under 6 weeks
Slow Intensity
Result in under 6 weeks
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