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Selling to decision makers instead of analysts within less than 4 months

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Hit message-market-fit much faster

Christoph Brenner
Christoph Brenner
Head of Product

Challenge: Jua set out to build & operate the first AI “Large Physics Model” predicting weather with extreme high accuracy, precision, and speed to trade energy with high accuracy weather predictions. Jua is not selling a “0815 SaaS solution” and also already having a lot of internal expertise available, so a basic “one-size-fits all” information product, cohort training or a similar “B2B Sales 101 offering” would not have provided tons of value.

“The scale of what we impact with our AI-based weather-dependent energy trading is extreme…it can be millions in a few days in performance if you can predict extreme weather events more accurately. (02:00-02:30)

“As a VC-backed startup after a 7-figure Seed round, “what matters a lot for us is always the speed - how fast can we get to the next point…you’re just much faster getting a real expert on board to nail it, and that was a key reason to work with you” (03:00-03:45).

“I am not new to B2B SaaS marketing at all after building up marketing and the team at Avrios, then being VP Marketing at Sharpist and now doing it for the third time at Jua…so I kind of knew what needs to happen next at Jua, but it would have taken us a long time to do everything ourselves without an external partner to nail it - which is why we reached out to you as experts, get things done much faster, and not re-invent the wheel. Working with you helped us to establish and follow up proven process for the sales process and pitch we are using.” (05:30-07:45)

“What I found particularly valuable of working with you was the level of how you customise how you work with us to our needs, also and especially compared to other external partners we worked with in the past…Few partners empathise as deeply with their clients as SalesPlaybook & specifically Moritz did in our case, leading to our great outcome. (09:55-11:45).

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Selling to decision makers instead of analysts
Getting there much faster without re-inventing the wheel
Increasing the probability of success with a best practice process
Solved Challenges
Hit Message-Market-Fit
High Intensity
Result in less than 4 months
Mid Intensity
Result in less than 4 months
Slow Intensity
Result in less than 4 months
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