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0-7 figure ARR in less than 12 months

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Hit message-market fit, setup outbound sales engine and process, and built a sales team all under 12 months.

What did I enjoy most about the collaboration? The direct access to SalesPlaybook and the team. The hands-on support in the weekly sessions by topic. I can recommend it to everyone per se.
Konstantin Struck
Konstantin Struck

"For us, it was really about the tactical, day-to-day things that are sometimes so obvious that we are not thinking about it."

"Pitch early, sell early a powerpoint version of the vision. Learn fast from customers and also adapt quickly. And then going to the  market and seeing what works and what doesn’t work. Don't try to sell it immediately to the world. Rather go in smaller and prove your value with a business unit, with a division and then scale up. Focus then on these references as your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). When you have a success case in banking then stick to banking. If in industrial, then stick to that. And replicate it."

Short Facts

Built lead gen
Built sales capabilities and mindset
Built sales process
Solved Challenges
Pipeline Generation
Build World-Class Sales Team
Hubspot Services
High Intensity
Result in Under 12 months
Mid Intensity
Result in Under 12 months
Slow Intensity
Result in Under 12 months
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