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Craft Convincing Case Studies

Manuel Hartmann
Co-founder & CEO

As part of your sales journey to hit message-market fit, you need to show your prospects convincing case studies of similar companies who have benefited from your service. Learn how to generate customer testimonials.

What you'll learn:

People buy from people. Customers, not sales people. Ask them these questions to tell their story:

  • Raise objections proactively: What would have prevented you from buying?
  • Defuse objections: What did you find upon buying the offer?
  • Get "killer testimonials": What specific thing do you like most?
  • Enrich success story: What 3 other benefits come to your mind?
  • Receive buy-in for referrals: Would you recommend this? If yes, why?
  • Uncover hidden feelings: Is there anything else you'd like to share?

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