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Episode 4: Ideal Customer Profile: The foundation "for everything" & how to improve it

Jan 5, 2023
32 min

When a Startup doesn't focus on a narrow ICP - it simply won't scale. Why? There is no message-market fit, there are no relevant unique selling points and there will be high acquisition costs. When you nail down your ICP, you will be able to: Validate message-market fit, generate use cases to attract more of those customers, quickly scale, lower acquisition costs, marketing and sales efficiency, align product development priorities. In this episode, Manuel Hartmann from SalesPlaybook gives his playbook on how to define and validate your ICP.


  • The importance of ICP
  • What is ICP?
  • The biggest targeting mistakes B2B startups are making
  • Total addressable market vs ICP
  • How to define your ICP
  • Minimum viable ICPs
  • QnA

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