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Episode 5: Hacking Sales Cycles: How to avoid (or at least shorten) PoCs

Jan 5, 2023
28 min

How can B2B SaaS startups find out if their solution has a viable market? PoCs are not the answer. Why not? Proof of Concepts are time-consuming, capacity-consuming and unprofitable. They don't provide you with a clear path to revenue and startups often run out of cash because of long sales cycles. In this episode, Manuel Hartmann takes us through - Hacking Sales Cycles: How to Avoid or at Least Shorten PoCs.


  • Why Manuel hates PoCs :-)
  • What are other ways to build credibility and avoid PoC completely?
  • How to achieve 70-90% PoC to ARR conversion rate
  • How to increase average contract value
  • How to shorten sales cycles
  • QnA

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