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Episode 2: MAP in recessions to help B2B SaaS founders & sales leaders close more deals faster

Jan 5, 2023
52 min

An economic downturn is NOT the time to leave your deals to chance. Selling in the B2B world is much harder today than it was this time last year – and whether you’re a sales leader, front-line manager, or rep, you’ve had to adapt. Tune in to learn how to avoid losing winnable deals and up-level your team. In this episode, Manuel Hartmann is co-hosting with CEO & Founder Ross Rich from Accord, and joined by sales pros: Keith Weightman (RVP, National Accounts at Bullhorn), Johnston Gilfillan (Sr Sales Manager, Enterprise Retail at Affirm), AND Raphael Köpf (Journey Executive at SalesPlaybook).


  • The what / when / why / how of Mutual Action Plans
  •  Best practices for driving MAP adoption & accountability with buyers
  •  B2B sales tactics from the exec, VP, manager, and rep level

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