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Episode 6: Sales Power for Account Executives

Jan 5, 2023
33 min

Improving your Account Executives' effectiveness to hit their revenue targets is the #1 driver to scaling your startup, especially in a recession. In this episode, learn how your AEs can consistently close bigger deals faster for predictable growth in this LIVE DEAL DESK session. Meet the expert: Manuel Hartmann, Founder & CEO at SalesPlaybook who has worked with 200+ B2B startups to help them build and scale sales capabilities at all stages of their 0-20MM ARR sales growth journey.


  • How Founders can benefit from enabling their Sales Reps to get trained on deal closing
  • The 5 sales skills Account Executives need to master to improve their effectiveness
  • Founders: Send your Account Executives for a LIVE DEAL DESK to get on-the-spot help 

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