Build World-Class Sales Team

Build a World-Class Sales Team

Run a Predictable Talent Acquisition and Retention Process

Go from no talent process to rapid ramping and retention: Find, win and qualify top sales hires within weeks instead of months and create a revenue culture in your organisation that will make your reps want to stay.

Most companies fail due to a lack of qualified pipeline from their Ideal Customer Profile.

Stop relying on volatile, uncertain leads from inbound, partners and your network.

Build & operate a repeatable, predictable outbound engine, without trial & error.

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Issues You Might Face Right Now

No structured talent acquisition process

You are looking for "rockstars to fix sales" but are unclear of who you need for what when - and how to find & win these talents

No sales talent success guranteed

You unsuccessfully "ramp" new sales reps for 3-6+ months - and then part ways again, repeatedly

No revenue engine

Your sales reps work in "a sales silo" and fight constantly with marketing, product & customer success

How SalesPlaybook Can Help

Talent acquisition engine

Run a professional, predictable talent acquisition process

Rapid ramping & retention

Ramp new sales reps within weeks instead of months and retain them for years instead of quarters

Revenue engine

Your marketing, sales & customer success teams work as one revenue organisation

Your Unique Sales Playbook

Plays to Build a World-Class Sales Team

Our program will continuously adapt to your needs to address your most important sales challenges. Just follow your set of plays that will get you to the next level. And the next.

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Talent Sourcing & Acquisition

Sales Journey Analysis
You evaluate "make vs buy" decisions if you even need to hire a sales rep.
Job Position Contracts
You publish crystal-clear Job Position Contracts based on the sales challenges to fix.
Interview Process
You hire for attitude, potential and return on investment.
Talent Acquisition
You own a talent acquisition process that is equally professional to your scalable sales process.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
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Talent Onboarding & Development

Onboarding & Ramping
You "close", onboard and ramp new sales reps within months instead of quarters.
Training & Coaching
You give new sales reps the coaching, assets and guidance they need to close 4-8x their OTE.
Upskilling & Development
You are investing into developing your sales reps like elite athletes to help them win.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
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Sales Efficiency

Predictable Path To Success
Your sales reps are committed to your company as they see a clear path to success.
Revenue Per Rep Rhythm
You are enabling your sales reps by simplifying their jobs to be done and work smarter.
Sales Efficiency Toolkit
You leverage a toolkit around sales offerings, conversions & velocity to drive revenue.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
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Revenue Engine

Shared OKRs
Your revenue functions optimise for shared OKRs, together, predictably, at scale.
Mutual Success
Your marketing, sales & customer success teams work as one revenue organisation.
Revenue Engine
Your revenue team members function like a well-oiled-engine.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve

Experts at Your Hand

A Mastermind for Each Sales Challenge You Come Across

Get access to the most experienced sales experts for the exact topics you need to advance. ASAP.

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Lead Coach

Constantin Papadopoulos

Lead Coach

Maddy Agrawal

Revenue Growth
Lead Coach

René Rather

Sales Lead
Lead Coach

Clemens Immel

Customer Success

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