Build Outbound Sales Engine

Build an Outbound Sales Engine

More Qualified Leads With Less Effort

Go from outbound sales misery to lead engine heaven: Create a repeatable, automated process and generate qualified outbound leads at scale.

Most companies fail due to a lack of qualified pipeline from their Ideal Customer Profile.

Stop relying on volatile, uncertain leads from inbound, partners and your network.

Build & operate a repeatable, predictable outbound engine, without trial & error.

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Issues You Might Face Right Now

No outbound mindset, skillset & toolset

You & your team have never been successful in outbound sales

No scalable approach

You source & contact people manually, with low success but high effort

No path from lead to customer

You get some replies to your outreach but fail to convert these to customers

How SalesPlaybook Can Help

Outbound mindset

Take "Nein" as "Noch eine Information nötig" and dig deeper

Outbound lead engine

Generate new leads consistently with a repeatable, automated and insights-driven process

Qualification engine

Understand if somebody is a fit without the need for a 30-60min call

Your Unique Sales Playbook

Plays to Build an Outbound Sales Engine

Our program will continuously adapt to your needs to address your most important sales challenges. Just follow your set of plays that will get you to the next level. And the next.

Play 1

Outbound Sales Mindset

Outbound Sales Mindset
You gather and provide a high-quality, trust-building base for discussion before the outreach.
Outbound Sales Skillset
You look forward to outbound sales motion since you sometimes win & sometimes learn.
Outbound Sales Rhythm
You take "Nein" as "Noch eine Information nötig" and dig deeper.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 2

Outbound Email Engine

Lead Sourcing At Scale
You generate new leads consistently with a repeatable, automated and insights-driven process.
Cold Email Copywriting
You achieve 60-90% opening, 20-50% reply and 3-15% booking rates.
Build Email Engine
All of this works for everybody in your sales organisation.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 3

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn Outreach at Scale
You focus your outreach on your Ideal Customer Profile with proven messaging.
Cold Outreach Linkedin Campaigns
You follow a systematic process to scale your LinkedIn outreach in a data-driven way.
LinkedIn Network Growth Engine
Your LinkedIn network grows by more than 100 potential buyers per month without much manual work.
Social Selling
You focus on having human conversations resulting in Sales Qualified Leads.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 4

Qualify for Quality

Marketing-Sales Alignment
You have a clear handover "where marketing ends and sales starts".
Account Planning
You invest your time only with prospects who could become customers.
Agenda Setting
You understand if somebody is a fit without the need for a 30-60min call.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve

Experts at Your Hand

A Mastermind for Each Sales Challenge You Come Across

Get access to the most experienced sales experts for the exact topics you need to advance. ASAP.

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Lead Coach

Alexander Estner

Lead Coach

Helmut Käser

Deal Closing
Lead Coach

Lea von Bidder

Leads and Deals
Lead Coach

Maddy Agrawal

Revenue Growth

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