Close More Bigger Deals Faster

Close More Bigger Deals Faster

Sales Power for your Sales Reps

Go from missing monthly sales goals to cash flow abundance: Reduce sales cycles, increase deal size and improve closing rate, all without you in the lead.

Most companies fail due to a lack of qualified pipeline from their Ideal Customer Profile.

Stop relying on volatile, uncertain leads from inbound, partners and your network.

Build & operate a repeatable, predictable outbound engine, without trial & error.

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Issues You Might Face Right Now

No path to profitability

Unclear how to move from "always be closing at all costs" to sustainable, predictable growth

No way to close deals faster

6-18 month sales cycles prevent you from scaling quickly - and threaten you to run out money

No sales reps closing big deals

You closed some EUR 50-500k deals yourself, but your sales reps fail to do so or as well as you

How SalesPlaybook Can Help

Value selling

Stop negotiating on price by selling value instead of costs

Cash flow fun

Become cash-flow positive by closing deals in weeks instead of quarters at favourable payment terms


Enable your sales reps to close large deals predictably without you in the lead

Your Unique Sales Playbook

Plays to Close More Bigger Deals Faster

Our program will continuously adapt to your needs to address your most important sales challenges. Just follow your set of plays that will get you to the next level. And the next.

Play 1

Take control of the buyer journey

Discovery & Qualification Quiz
You gather and provide a high-quality, trust-building base for discussion before the call.
You leverage templates and snippets across the whole buyer journey and your organisation.
"Closing Stack"
You get a "Closing Stack" that enables you to perform consisently like an elite athlete.
Buyer Journey
All of this works for everybody in your sales organisation.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 2

Negotiate better deals

Negotiation Approaches
You establish local Alpha Status from Day 1 during the buyer journey.
Negotiation Levers
You stay in control of the buyer journey at all times without making unnecessary concessions.
Negotiation Case Studies
You stay calm, confident & collaborative in unexpected negotiation situations.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 3

Become "Dr. Sales"

Neurobiology of purchasing decisions
You build mutual action plans. Then orally agree on a collaboration. Then sign a deal in days.
Conversation Tactics from intern to CEO
Your sales cycle for a $20-100k deal is 2-6 months and less than 12 months for 100k+ deals.
Structuring a collaboration
You grow annual revenues at 100-400% per year. Or go from 0-1M ARR in less than 12 months.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 4

Scale Social Selling

Speed of Trust
You establish trust with your (Target) Buyer Personas at scale and affordable time investment
Multi-Threading in closing
You are able to influence buying decisions outside of scheduled calls and offer requests
KPI - Key Person of Influence
You establish a path to expert status in your space to close more bigger deals faster
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 5

Structuring complex deals

Get buy-in for the business case
You follow-up with a Video Sales Letter and a short, crisp emails that sell for themselves.
Painting Pain & Creating Urgency
Your data drives your sales process. You know where your process breaks and how to fix it.
MEDDICC - "A method to the madness"
You successfully sell outcomes and benefits and ask prospects if they want to invest now or later.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve

Experts at Your Hand

A Mastermind for Each Sales Challenge You Come Across

Get access to the most experienced sales experts for the exact topics you need to advance. ASAP.

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Lead Coach

Christoph Schittny

Buyer Journey
Lead Coach

Constantin Papadopoulos

Lead Coach

Helmut Käser

Deal Closing
Lead Coach

Lea von Bidder

Leads and Deals

Founders Who Crushed This Challenge

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