Hit Message Market Fit

Hit Message-Market-Fit

Got a Great Product? Now Validate Your Market

Go from no messaging to conversion engine: Make it easy for your ideal customer to understand, evaluate, and buy that they'll need no proof of concept.

Most companies fail due to a lack of qualified pipeline from their Ideal Customer Profile.

Stop relying on volatile, uncertain leads from inbound, partners and your network.

Build & operate a repeatable, predictable outbound engine, without trial & error.

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Issues You Might Face Right Now

No clear messaging

Unclear ideal customer profile, sales story, limited success stories & validated sales process

No expertise & experience

You have never built a B2B SaaS startup from 0-1M ARR

No clear path to success

There is no "magic formula" to find message-market-fit, traditional sales approach fails

How SalesPlaybook Can Help

Validation engine

Understand within weeks instead of quarters what market segments work (or not)

Conversion engine

Make it so easy to understand, evaluate & buy that customers want to skip PoCs

Peace of mind

Sleep well at night as you know what you need to do next

Your Unique Sales Playbook

Plays to Hit Message Market Fit

Your sales playbook will be unique to your startup, challenges, and needs. We'll add the specific plays to your plan of action that will have an impact on your sales results.

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Sales House Rules

Active Listening
You use "customers are, people like you experience, X achieved with us" a lot.
Target, Tailor, Take Control
You target, tailor & take control the buyer journey and live Date In-Date Out.
Date In - Date Out
You get a pull from people that want to buy from you, on your terms.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 2

Sell the Story

Build Sales Story
You can help a customer understand your value even if you are tired. Or drunk.
Sharpen Ideal Customer Profile
Your sales deck is about "Our customers achieved X from solving Y by working with us on Z".
Craft Case Studies / Testimonials
You successfully sell by using customer case studies, use cases and transformations.
Elevator Pitch + Big Idea Introduction
You confidently & convincingly pitch your offering in 15, 60 and 300 seconds.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 3

Concern Handling

Status Quo Thesis
You go deep on why the problem is not yet solved and what the customer believes in.
Risk Reversal
Your are providing short, confident, convincing answers to prospect concerns.
Concern Handling
You can offer prospects a simple-to-understand, re-assuring risk reversal.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve
Play 4

Craft Consistent Copy

Templates & Snippets
You leverage scalable email templates & snippets directly from your CRM across the company.
Sales Letter
You use a sales letter that works anytime, anywhere, 24/7 for you to sell efficiently.
Sales Script
You & your team have & use a sales script for discovery, collaboration & decision calls.
Covered Topics
What you will achieve

Experts at Your Hand

A Mastermind for Each Sales Challenge You Come Across

Get access to the most experienced sales experts for the exact topics you need to advance. ASAP.

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