Get bottom-line impact within weeks.
Bespoke to your needs.

2023 is crazy challenging for B2B SaaS.
Valuations collapsed. CFOs freeze budgets. Talent is still scarce.

From startup to startup, who worked with 220+ startups:
"I just need more leads / reps / funding" isn't the right solution.
"Growth at all costs" is dead. Efficiency is king.
The next funding round might never come.
Yes, you need to move quickly.
But avoid trial & error.

That's why we developed a lightning-fast approach for you to build & scale sales quickly with your very own bespoke SalesPlaybook.


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You get the 3-7 quick wins with the for you highest impact today.
You also get a detailed status quo assessment & execution schedule for the upcoming 2-6 months.


We implement, train and coach you to your bespoke SalesPlaybook.

Think of working with us in a "Build. Operate. Transfer." model where you get to scale sales quickly while building up sales as your competitive advantage without becoming dependent from 3rd parties.

Open Your Bespoke SalesPlaybook
Open Your Bespoke SalesPlaybook
Open Your Bespoke SalesPlaybook

Scale and Positively Impact the World

Even the most techy startups can become great at sales with a little help. Add yourself to this list of SalesPlaybook alumni who played it well!

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Frequently Asked Questions

OK that all seems to make sense. What happens after I book a call with you?
Are we a good fit? Are we not too early-stage? Or too late-stage for you?
Investing EUR 5'000 to 50'000 per year is a significant commitment for me.
I see the value, but I'm really busy at the moment. I might take action when the timing is better (hired sales reps, got funding, magic happens).
I am unsure if I really need help. My team and I already have some ideas.
I don't know if I fit your Ideal Customer Profile to get a 3-10x ROI
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